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Congratulations Barber!

You are just steps away from having your own beard and hair product brand and tremendously duplicating your income while building your empire. Read and Sign Agreement below to begin.  

4 Easy Steps

Step 01.

Join our Barber Community Chat 

Step 02.

Read Consignment Agreement

Step 03.

Sign Agreement

Step 04.

Sell & Start Making Money!!

Barber Product Brand Consignment Program Perks

Zufire builds everything for you!

Product Development

  • Ingredient Sourcing

  • Prototype Development

  • Product Sampling

  • Production Quality Control

  • Product Certification

  • Product Fulfillment

  • Product Labeling

  • Customs & Local Delivery

Product Branding

  • Brand Naming

  • Brand Colors

  • Logo Design

  • Product Naming & Description

  • Product Package & Cover Design

  • Product Label Design

  • Copy Writing on Label

  • Designing Product Bottles

Consignment Agreement

Please read and sign consignment agreement below. 

1. Cost: Zufire agrees to waive the Product Development & branding cost of $2450.00 for the above barber and provide the above for sale to their clients on a consignment basis. Whereby, Beauty Professional will pay $0 for Initial Product Development & Branding and initial Inventory. However Zufire retains the rights to the brand name, website domain and brand images and any design created for the brand. The brand however can own all materials if it decides to pay $2,450 outright. 2. Ownership: The products will be shelved at the beauty professional’s location but will remain ZuFire’s property until they are sold by the Beauty Professional. 3. Payment Terms: Beauty Professional agrees to pay Zufire 50% of the product sales revenue after the products are sold. Payments must be made weekly on the specific day below. via cash app to the cash app below with notes. Mondays Cash app: $mushiyat$mushiyat 4. Consignment Term: The consignment agreement is good for the initial product development and branding and the FIRST SET OF INVENTORY. Once more inventory is needed additional inventory can be purchased via the website or a request can be made in chat with designated customer service representative.. 5. Inventory Replenishment: Additional cases of inventory can be purchased via the zufire website. 6. Return of Unsold Products: Unsold products may be returned to Zufire at the end of the consignment period, at the expense of the Beauty Professional for shipping. 7. Product Loss Responsibility Policy: Zufire is not responsible for any loss of products. Upon delivery, whether by shipping or handover, responsibility for the product transfers from Zufire to the barber. The barber acknowledges that the product has been delivered in good condition and accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage thereafter. Should a product be lost after delivery, the barber is required to compensate Zufire by paying the full wholesale price of the lost items. It is imperative that the barber reports any loss to Zufire within [specify time frame] of the product's scheduled delivery date, providing details about the circumstances of the loss. This policy ensures that both parties understand their responsibilities and the consequences of product loss. 8. Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement with a written notice 7 days in advance. Zufire reserves the right to terminate at any given time with no explaination 9. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Georgia. In witness whereof, the Parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above.

Thanks for submitting!

Re-order Inventory

12 Pieces | Case

Minimum Order $250

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